In 2004, Ron Phillips (founder of the Central Texas Wolf Pack) decided to bring the community and public officials together in an unprecedented manner. What did he do (with the help of a lot of Red Bull and terrific volunteers)?

Well, being the sports lover that he is and experiencing first hand the positive influences sports participation offers, he decided to start an organization that many major metropolitan areas around the nation have successfully accomplished. He decided to rally the “troops” together to join the National Public Safety Football League (NPSFL). What is Public Safety Football you ask?

Well, Public Safety Football is the union of law enforcement officers, firefighters, correction’s officers, and emergency medical technicians who participate in organized, full-contact, football. None of the participants receive compensation for their participation, and furthermore, their participation is done strictly in an off-duty capacity .

The proceeds raised by the football team’s participation are used to help support local teams and organizations that offer organized youth athletics. Our mission is to demonstrate to the children of our community that you can improve your self-image by participation and achievement in organized athletics.

The Wolf Pack organization hopes to bring public safety officials and the community together on common ground. That common ground is to promote a positive influence on our youth with solidarity, leadership, and integrity. We must work together to ensure our youth of today is given every opportunity to become the best they can be tomorrow.

Our players, coaches, and staff are honored to be a part of this wonderful organization. We hope to make a positive difference in our community that will last a lifetime.