The National Public Safety Football League (NPSFL), is a union of public safety agency football teams from throughout the United States, united to promote a positive self image to the public by raising funds for charity through spirited competition. The NPSFL is incorporated in New York State and recognized as a not for profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service under the 501c3 statute. Click on the NPSFL logo to find out more!

We are excited to be a part of this wonderful organization. Public safety volunteers from across the nation have joined together to form not-for-profit football teams with a common goal of contributing to their community through charities while enhancing the relationship between public safety officials and their community.

Teams currently in place that participate include: (see below)






NYPD Finest


FDNY Bravest


Philadelphia Blue Flame


DSNY Strongest


New York Corrections




South Florida Bandits


Orlando Guardians



DFW Panthers

Houston Gunners

Phoenix Thunder


Central Texas Wolf Pack

DFW Metro Stars


L.A. Heat




California Blue Knights



Orange County Lawmen

LAPD Centurions