We are pleased to introduce a not-for-profit, voluntary semi-pro football team as the newest member of the National Public Safety Football League Organization (NPSFL) to represent the Central Texas region.

Our team is comprised of public safety officials from around Central Texas volunteering their time and energy to partake in a non-profit organization that strives for camaraderie, brotherhood, and teamwork for the good of the community and our youth.

Who are our Players?

Our players consist of Central Texas' finest public safety officials to include:

We are working towards the Wolf Pack's 2nd season starting in 2007!

We hope to gain additional players from the public safety arena and additional sponsors. Through our efforts and the efforts of our players and sponsors, we hope to build an organization that exceeds our greatest goals. Our goals are to contribute to youth sports organizations all around Central Texas while building a stronger, better relationship with our community. With these goals, we hope children all around Central Texas reap the benefits of the positive influence sports can have on our youth and we hope to enhance our relationship with the community to build a better future for all of us.

We would like to thank all who donate their time, energy, and support. We couldn't achieve this without your generosity!